Güray Hatipoğlu, M. Sc.


I have been translating various (mostly academic) documents and writings for more than 5 years in English->Turkish and Turkish->English pairs. I did a lot of freelance works myself but I have been also associated with Kalite Akademik Tercüme since January, 2018. My profile at their website is here. This company has two-stage work model, in which we translate the documents and a native English speaker check the entire text and make edits and comments. Later, the translators go through all revisions and finalize the document. This procedure honed my English reading/writing skills a lot, as well as it taught me how to revise a document.

Even though most of my translations are not public, there are my volunteer works which can be read on the web:

Wikipedia Pages:


European Union Network for Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law - Water and Land Remediation:

Soil Vapor Extraction Report

European Southern Observatory:

ESO telescope images a spectacular cosmic dance
The Tarantula's cosmic web: astronomers map violent star formation in nebula outside our galaxy
Very Large Telescope Interferometer

Evrim Ağacı:

8 Spooky places, and why they are like that
Are legless lizards snakes?
Upper class people more likely to behave unethically
Young Boy's Discovery is Confirmed as a peculiar supernova explosion

Website Translation:

NovaConverting (TR to EN)
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